She started smoking when she was still a teenager.

There are 112 years old and says that the secret of longevity smoking – she smokes 30 cigarettes a day for the past 95 years.

This helped her to outlive almost all others in his village, including his own cigarettes

“I do not really care how old I am, but I’m old anyway. Vijeo a lot of things have changed during my life, “she said.

“There is nothing wrong with smoking. I smoke more than 95 years, “she added.

Her advice is to avoid commercial cigarettes. Instead, it is recommended locally made tobacco wrapped in tendu leaf.

She lives off donations from the local Hindu temple.

“People in this modern age are under stress. And those who do not live long. So you have to be active and stress free. You should always be happy, then you will live a long life. “She concluded.