The pain you feel in the joints can make your day very hard. If you are up on your legs all day your muscles and joints feel tired so you feel pain. You have to get a lot of rest for the pain to go away.

Some people suffer from chronic joint pain even arthritis. The arthritis is an inflammation to the joints and can travel from the neck to the feet. There are many different kind of arthritis.

The medicine that people use is sometimes not effective because they don’t help a lot. To help the pain to go away you need to make some changes to your dietary habits. You need to find an effective remedy that this article can give you. You will only need Apple Cider Vinegar for this homemade remedy. The medications that are chemically made don’t help on the long run, they might give you instant relief, but the apple cider vinegar can help remove the pain longer.

The right ways to use the Apple cider vinegar to treat the pain in the joints

Add apple cider vinegar into six cups of warm water. Make a bath using this solution and soak your feet and hands in this mixture. If the pain is in the neck then you should soak a towel in this mixture and apply it on your neck or other part of the body that you cannot soak in the water but it is painful.

Other remedy that you can also make is to mix the apple cider vinegar with olive oil or coconut oil. The combination should be in relations of 2 tablespoons ACV with one tablespoon coconut ot olive oil. Wisk this mixture and apply it on the painful joints. Massage gently the painful place and leave it to work on its own. This remedy should be repeated regularly so that the pain will be reduced and eventually go away for longer period of time.

Another usage of the ACV can be made with drinking the ACV to prevent arthritis. You can mix 1-3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces water. You can add fruit juice if you like.

If you combine it with cherry juice the effect will be amazing. You can use this mixture to apply it on the inflamed joint and reduce the pain. The combination can be used three times a day. You can even drink this mixture, but make sure you consume it prior a meal.

The apple cider vinegar helps ease the pain, remove toxins from the system because of its antioxidant properties. You need to insert the apple cider vinegar into your diet regime to get all the benefits for the health on daily basis.