Various conditions and diseases can cause chronic pain. Arthritis is one of the most common, which is a condition of an inflammation of the joints.


Namely, if you have problem with arthritis, you can find solution, as you can use many natural remedies and they can help you to relive the pain and soothe the inflammation.

In this article, we will recommend you a natural blend which is very effective in fight the inflammation, also will soothe the pain in the muscles and joints, due to its beneficial oils.

The main thing that you should do is to mix your favorite oils and then you can rub their combination directly on your skin. Note that the quality and the purity of the oils you use significantly affect the effects of the treatment.

 You can mix 2-3 drops essential oil of blue mixture (Deep Blue – essential oil) with a few drops of coconut oil and then with this mixture you can massage your joints.

It is recommendable to do this treatment before you do to bed.  You will be surprised by the quick effects! You will not feel the usual pain in the knees the next morning. Also the numbness will be reduced. Only after five days of using this remedy, your joint pain will be reduced from 97% to 3% of the time!It is also important to mention that this remedy is not recommendable for children. Furthermore, due to the strength of the action of certain oils, make sure you dilute the blend, especially if you have sensitive skin.