You can cure almost everything with and onion!


Researches conducted on the properties of the onion have shown that this product can help you a lot for the overall health of the body. They protect the nerve system, they cure the cardiovascular system, they enhance the immune system, onions can fight the growth of many types of tumors, they help hormonal normal functioning, and many more.

Onions are found to help lower the cholesterol in the body, helps the blood vessels to maintain their elasticity and stop the arteries from hardening, and they can even help maintain a normal and healthy blood pressure.

Onions have been used to help the fight against cancer. Even though the onions are not sure to cure cancer, they can help with providing cancer risk – reducing properties.

Onions can help diabetics because of the modifying properties of the blood sugar and can help fighting obesity. However, the onions are not the only thing that will keep your body fit, you also need exercise and healthy diet, but the onions are very good in helping keeping your blood sugar on the right level. The onions can help you put you on the right path in getting and staying healthy and fit.

The onions are used for medical purposes as well.

The onions contain Quercetin a rich and powerful flavonoid. The onions are rich antioxidants, full with antihistamine, anti-cholesterol and anti- inflammatory properties. They can help eliminate the toxins from the body and have antibacterial properties as well. The quercetin is found closest to the root and the rings nearest to the skin.

Note: Use organically and locally grown onions for best results.

  1. Fight against cold

The onion has been used to cure cold even by our grandmothers. There are two ways of how you can use the onion to cure cold. You can eat it raw or you can boil the onion together with ginger and drink it as tea adding some honey for taste.

  1. Help to lower the fever

Here is a recipe how to use the onions to bring down the fever:

  • Chop in pieces potatoes and onions, add garlic and put them together in a pair of socks
  • Put the socks on and get in bed
  • Soak a cloth in apple cider vinegar and use this cloth to put it on your forehead

With this process your fever will come down within the next hour.

  1. Use the onions to cure cough

Here is the recipe for curing cough with onions:

  • Peel one large onion, cut it in half
  • use ½ tablespoon brown sugar and put it on the both halves of the onion
  • Leave it for an hour and empty the syrup from the dish
  • Consume this syrup twice a day

With the help of the brown sugar the onion juice is edible. You can add some honey to the onion juice if you like. The antibacterial property of the onion will kill the bacteria and the honey will soothe the cough. This is a simple and easy to make home remedy for cough.

  1. Earache and wax build up cured with onions

The onion has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this properties the onion can help remove the pain in the ear as well as help soften the ear wax so that the removal will be easier. If you have earache you can slice an onion so that you can take out the heart of the onion, the most inner part of it. Before going to bed at night put the heart of the onion inside the ear and leave it until the morning. You will be better in the morning.

  1. Eye irritant can be removed with onions

The simplest way to use the onions to help eye irritation is to cut the onions in pieces close to the face so that you produce your tears to flow. Important note: Don’t use the onions to rub your eyes with it, you can cause serious injury to your eyes.

  1. Heal a cut with onions

The onions can help heal cuts. If you have a cut put some onion slice on the cut and use the onion skin to place it on top and seal it. This will help your wound to heal and will stop the bleeding. If you have deeper cut, you can place the onion and cover it with a small piece of gauze or medical paper to keep it in place. Change the gauze twice a day. This will keep the wound from infections and will help it heal faster.

  1. Heal surgical wounds with onion juice

The onion juice can help you heal your wounds without any drugs. It will help with scarring especially people with darker skin.

  1. Remove infections with onions

Here is how you can prepare a paste to help with infections:

  • Boil milk and pour it on a thick slice of white bread
  • Grate a piece of onion on top of the bread
  • Mash it all to make a paste
  • First clean the infected area and apply this paste on it
  • Sit still while the paste is hardening and pulling the infection out of the body.

Important note: leave the seal of the paste for couple of hours. After that the seal will come off. You can now clean the wound and repeat this procedure twice a day.

  1. Heal burns with onions

Slice the onion in half. If you have a burn you need to put the half on the burn and leave it for about 2 minutes. After that you can whip up some egg whites and apply it on the burned area making it a protective barrier. Place gauze on top of it to keep it still. You can change the gauze later if you need to. The healing will be done fast and without any scars.

  1. Onions against bee stings and other insect bites.

During spring and summer we end up bitten by bees or other insects. To help with these bites you can use the onions. First remove the stinger from the skin. Grate or crush white onion and cover the bite with it. The onions will help with the swelling and its antihistamine property will prevent any allergic reaction to the bite.