Lemonade is prepared this way: in two liters of boiling water add 3 lemon juices, 14 spoons of maple syrup and half spoon hot red pepper, and then you mix it…

This magical lemonade should bnd half spoon hot red pepper, and then you mix it.e consumed during the day in small sips every time you feel hunger.

The lemon juice, as a part of the lemonade will help your body to release fat and toxins, maple syrup will provide the needed calories, vitamins and elements, and the hot pepper ( Cayenne pepper) will stimulate the metabolism.

Other drinks that you input during the day, including the salty water (salt on the tip of the knife in 2 dl warm water) and green tea will help increase the level of body toxin removal.

All with the means to provide body energy, you need to drink 8-12 glasses of lemonade daily, which is around 800- 1200 calories.

In this lemonade diet ( the great cleaner) you need to have a graduate entrance. Three days before starting the diet substitute all semi- cooked products, like meat with fresh fruit and vegetable. Two days before starting the diet it is necessary to only input liquid food, one day before the diet- you need to drink freshly squeezed orange juice all day ( at least 2 l).


Cleaning the body from all toxins.

Fast lost of weight.

You will get a glow on your skin.

After this lemonade diet, you will fill additional energy and vitality.