This fruit is well known in the Central America. It goes by the name of chico, sapodilla or Manikarazapota. The tree grows throughout the year and can reach height up to 12 meters. The fruit is tasty with soft, grainy and pulpy texture. You can eat it fresh or you can add it to the ice cream or a milkshake as well. There are many health benefits that the chico can give you.

Here are the Health Benefits from the Sapodilla

If consuming the Sapodilla regularly you can provide your health with many benefits and improve the overall health to the system. Here are the benefits:

  • The sapodilla can help you with the constipation or when having diarrhea. It has laxative effect and can help your system to purge from the toxins. Boil sapodilla fruit and consume this fluid to stop diarrhea and stop visiting the bathroom all day. Just relief your pain and your stomachaches with the consummation of the sapodilla fruit.
  • You can also use the leaves that the sapodilla has. Take the yellow leaves from the sapodilla and boil them to relief your cold or cough. If you have any respiratory problems or nasal congestion you can make tea with the sapodilla and consume this liquid for the problems.
  • You can use the seeds from the sapodilla as well. If you have problems with the bladder and kidney stones you can crush the seeds and extract the liquids from it. Don’t throw away the black seeds, just use them. They work as diuretic. You can use this to remove the kidney or other stones in the body.
  • You can use the seeds if being bitten or if you got stung. You just need to extract paste from the seeds and apply the paste on the affected area to help your pain. It can also help you with venomous bites.
  • You can get dietary fibers from consuming the sapodilla fruit. The effective laxative properties in this fruit come from receiving almost six grams dietary fibers from consuming 100 grams of the sapodilla fruit. You can protect your colon`s mucosa with the dietary fibers and the toxins that cause cancer can be removed from the body. The high fiber properties in the sapodilla are amazing for the overall health.
  • The Sapodilla has a lot of tannins, antioxidants that has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. The tannins in the sapodilla can help you eliminate bacteria, viruses and parasites from inside your body.

The Sapodilla is full in calories and the good calories I mean. If you compare the calories from the sapodilla you can see that they are almost the same as the calories in bananas and potatoes. A hundred grams of sapodilla fruit is equal to 83 grams of calories.